Videology: Revolutionizing Imaging Solutions for Various Industries

Welcome to the world of Videology, where cutting-edge camera technology meets artificial intelligence. In this article, we will explore how Videology, under the visionary leadership of Carol Ethier, has revolutionized imaging solutions for various industries. From its humble beginnings as a small board-level optical camera company to becoming a major player in the imaging industry, Videology has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Videology and its game-changing contributions to biomedical, banking, life science, and industrial robotics sectors.

The Visionary Journey of Videology

Explore the remarkable evolution of Videology from a small board-level optical camera company to a leading player in the imaging industry.

Videology: Revolutionizing Imaging Solutions for Various Industries - 1340948823

Founded in 1995 by Carol Ethier, a former Phillips engineer, Videology embarked on a mission to create small board-level optical cameras. What started as a vision soon turned into a reality, as Videology grew to become a major player in imaging solutions.

Under Carol Ethier's leadership, Videology expanded its reach across various industries, including biomedical, banking, life science, and industrial robotics. Today, Videology is recognized globally for its high-quality camera products, with millions of cameras sold worldwide.

The acquisition of Videology by inTEST Corporation in 2021 marked a new era of growth and innovation for the company. This strategic move allowed Carol Ethier to retire while paving the way for Videology to continue developing cutting-edge camera technology.

Revolutionizing Imaging Solutions with SCAiLX

Discover how Videology's SCAiLX platform, integrated with its Zoom Block cameras, is transforming the imaging landscape with artificial intelligence.

Videology's hardware-centric approach has been its trademark, with a focus on integrating its technology into applications and machines. Two years ago, the company introduced the SCAiLX platform, a game-changer in the industry.

The SCAiLX platform, developed entirely in-house, combines the power of artificial intelligence with Videology's Zoom Block cameras. These intelligent cameras can detect, analyze, and compare images at the device level, opening up a world of possibilities in various industries.

With the SCAiLX-ZB connected camera solution, Videology has revolutionized imaging solutions. From enhancing security systems to enabling advanced medical diagnostics, the SCAiLX platform is at the forefront of innovation.

Collaboration and Customization: Videology's Winning Formula

Learn how Videology's emphasis on collaboration and customization sets it apart, fostering innovation and delivering tailored solutions to its customers.

Videology values its multicultural workforce and diverse perspectives, recognizing them as crucial contributors to innovation. The company's team of engineers specializes in imaging technology, camera hardware and software, and electronics.

This expertise allows Videology to be flexible in designing and developing its own products. With in-house production and manufacturing partners for larger volumes, Videology ensures high quality and low failure rates in its camera production.

Johan Scheepmaker, Director of Sales & Operations Europe at Videology, emphasizes the importance of diversity within the company. The multicultural and diverse team at Videology is dedicated to excellence every day, driving the company's success.