Revolutionizing Healthcare: VISIE Inc. Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

VISIE Inc., formerly known as Advanced Scanners, has announced its participation in the NVIDIA Inception program. As a medtech growth company, VISIE focuses on revolutionizing the healthcare industry with their deep-tech optical scanners. By joining the NVIDIA Inception program, VISIE aims to optimize their proprietary hardware and algorithms to enable real-time patient tracking and integrate seamlessly with surgical robotic and navigation systems. Discover how VISIE Inc. is leveraging the NVIDIA Inception program to advance surgical precision and simplify surgical workflows.

Revolutionizing Surgical Workflows

Revolutionizing Healthcare: VISIE Inc. Joins NVIDIA Inception Program - -1511778701

VISIE's deep-tech optical scanners have the ability to produce snap image registration with over 1 million data points in just a second. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes surgical workflows by simplifying the process and increasing surgical precision.

By seamlessly integrating with surgical robotic and navigation systems, VISIE's scanners provide real-time patient tracking, enabling surgeons to make more informed decisions during procedures. This level of accuracy and efficiency enhances patient outcomes and improves overall surgical experiences.

Leveraging the NVIDIA Inception Program

As a participant in the NVIDIA Inception program, VISIE gains access to a wide range of resources and support. This includes video-streaming tools, machine learning pipelines, technical training, and architectural design advice.

By leveraging these resources, VISIE aims to enhance their deep-tech optical scanners, enabling real-time patient tracking and seamless integration with surgical robotic and navigation systems. The collaboration opportunities with industry-leading experts further strengthen VISIE's AI-driven offerings in the healthcare sector.

Recognition of Potential in Healthcare

Being accepted into the NVIDIA Inception program is a significant recognition for VISIE and their innovative technology. It showcases the potential and promise of their deep-tech optical scanners in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

VISIE's CEO expresses gratitude for the opportunity to join the program and is excited about the possibilities it brings. With ongoing benefits such as credits for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and technological assistance, VISIE is well-positioned to continue advancing their technology and making a positive impact in the field of healthcare.