Oxford Word of the Year 2023: The Rise of 'Rizz'

Language enthusiasts eagerly awaited the announcement of Oxford University Press's Word of the Year 2023. After an intense selection process involving over 30,000 participants, the winning word that emerged victorious was 'rizz.' This unique term, defined as style, charm, or attractiveness, particularly in relation to romantic or sexual appeal, has captured the attention of people worldwide. Let's delve into the origins and significance of this intriguing word that has taken the linguistic world by storm.

The Meaning and Origin of 'Rizz'

Unveiling the definition and roots of the word 'rizz' that has claimed the prestigious title of Word of the Year 2023.

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At its core, 'rizz' represents style, charm, and attractiveness, particularly in the context of romantic or sexual appeal. This Gen Z slang term has evolved from the word 'charisma' and can even be used as a verb, meaning to attract or seduce.

The Oxford University Press, the publisher of the renowned Oxford English Dictionary, declared 'rizz' as the winner after a rigorous selection process involving over 30,000 language enthusiasts. The word gained widespread popularity after British actor Tom Holland used it during a media interaction, catapulting it into the mainstream.

The Marvel Connection: Spider-Man and 'Rizz'

Exploring the link between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the rise of the word 'rizz' in popular culture.

Interestingly, the word 'rizz' gained significant traction after it was uttered by British actor Tom Holland, best known for his portrayal of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During an interview, Holland humorously mentioned his lack of 'rizz,' instantly capturing the attention of social media users.

This connection to the beloved superhero franchise further contributed to the word's viral spread, making it a part of everyday conversations. The influence of pop culture on language evolution is undeniable, and 'rizz' is a prime example of how a single mention can propel a word into the spotlight.

The Contenders: Other Noteworthy Words

Exploring the intriguing contenders that vied for the title of Word of the Year alongside 'rizz'.

While 'rizz' emerged as the ultimate winner, it faced tough competition from other fascinating words. One contender was 'beige flag,' a term used to describe a partner or potential partner who is considered boring.

Additional contenders included 'Swiftie,' which refers to an enthusiastic fan of Taylor Swift, and 'situationship,' an informal romantic or sexual relationship. 'Parasocial' captured the essence of one-sided, unreciprocated intimacy felt by fans towards well-known figures.

Other contenders included 'heat dome,' representing a persistent high-pressure weather system, 'de-influencing,' the practice of discouraging specific product consumption, and 'prompt,' an instruction given to artificial intelligence programs.

The Impact of Linguistic Evolution

Reflecting on the rapid evolution and expansion of language in the digital age.

The selection of 'rizz' as the Word of the Year highlights the accelerated pace at which language evolves in the digital age. What used to take years now happens within weeks or months, thanks to the power of social media and viral trends.

Words like 'rizz' enter mainstream vocabulary, blurring the lines between slang and proper language. This linguistic evolution reflects the ever-changing nature of communication and the influence of popular culture on our lexicon.