CyberSecurity ReDEFINED: Empowering Organizations to Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

CITIC Telecom CPC’s CyberSecurity ReDEFINED conference is a must-attend event for security professionals seeking to gain an edge over tomorrow’s threats. With a focus on practical strategies tailored to the latest challenges, this conference equips attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to defend their organizations in the face of evolving cyber threats. From keynote addresses to panel discussions, industry experts provide insights into best practices for compliance, risk management, data protection, incident response, and digital innovation security. Join us at CyberSecurity ReDEFINED and empower your organization to stay ahead of evolving threats in the digital age.

Maximizing the Potential of AI

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In his keynote address titled 'Why AI Matters: Opportunities, Risks and Regulation', Edward Chui, Director (Hong Kong) of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, highlights the significant surge in AI startups receiving over $67 billion in funding last year. He emphasizes the need for companies to understand their unique business needs and customize AI solutions accordingly for success.

Chui urges attendees to identify and address AI concerns and risks to ensure responsible development and implementation of the technology. By harnessing the power of AI, organizations can improve their communication, efficiency, and sustainability while staying ahead of evolving threats.

Holistic Cybersecurity with TrustCSI™ 3.0

CITIC Telecom CPC's Chief Strategy Officer, Taylor Lam, takes the stage to highlight the innovative TrustCSI™ 3.0 managed security solutions. This comprehensive cybersecurity framework comprises four pivotal service pillars, offering holistic protection against today's complex threat landscape.

Lam explains that TrustCSI™ 3.0 enables enterprises to identify and predict potential threats, protect their systems, detect and respond to incidents, and recover from cyberattacks. The framework incorporates cutting-edge technologies to combat phishing attempts, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, and other emerging threats.

CITIC Telecom CPC's approach involves the use of AI capabilities in their 'Al-Red/Blue Cybersecurity Practices'. The Red Team conducts penetration testing using AI to identify vulnerabilities, while the Blue Team provides training and support to remediate issues swiftly. This proactive approach revolutionizes cybersecurity, empowering clients to continually strengthen their security posture.

Strengthening Security through Regular Testing

During the fireside chat on 'AI Matters: Red/Blue CyberSecurity Practices ReDEFINED', Master Trainer of KORNERSTONE Institute, Steven Kwok, reveals the eye-opening results of a live survey. Many organizations admit to never having conducted red team penetration tests or breach and attack simulations, crucial methods for identifying vulnerabilities and preempting cyber threats.

Daniel Kwong, Field Chief Information Security Officer (South East Asia and Hong Kong) at Fortinet, emphasizes the importance of regular testing to mitigate cyberattacks. He highlights the evolving techniques used by hackers, with phishing being the most common initial breach method. Kwong stresses the need for detection, protection, and automatic response to combat these threats effectively.

Brenda Lin, Assistant Director, IT Services, Information Technology Services & Data Science, of CITIC Telecom CPC, emphasizes that effective security involves every staff member. Regular penetration tests enable organizations to assess their security levels and enhance their employees' defense capabilities. By conducting regular testing, businesses can stay proactive in their cybersecurity practices and respond swiftly to emerging threats.

Business Continuity Planning and AI-powered Solutions

KT Thomas Wong, Director of Security Services Delivery & Operation at CITIC Telecom CPC, emphasizes the importance of business continuity planning as a form of risk management. He highlights that a risk-free environment does not exist, and businesses must tailor their security controls to their specific needs, similar to subscribing to insurance.

Wong emphasizes the need to determine downtime and data recovery requirements and develop a comprehensive business continuity plan. Backup technology plays a critical role in ensuring the continuity of operations, considering the diverse needs of businesses.

Both Brenda Lin and Wong agree that AI shows promise in bolstering cybersecurity protections. AI can analyze large datasets to identify abnormal IP addresses and apply this information to firewalls, helping organizations stay ahead of evolving threats. Regular review and adaptation are crucial in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

In response to this need, CITIC Telecom CPC has developed an innovative solution called Penetration Test with AI. This self-testing solution utilizes AI modeling to simplify the assessment of an enterprise's security posture. With regular penetration testing, organizations can enhance their overall information security and respond swiftly to cyber threats.

Mitigating Risk through Intelligence

Sheila Lam, Editorial Consultant of Ignite Content Marketing, leads the fireside chat on 'Knowing the Unknowns: Mitigate Risk through Intelligence'. The panelists discuss how intelligence can empower companies to gain the upper hand when hackers breach their defenses.

Dr. Andy Luk, Head of Digital Transformation at HK Express, shares the airline's experience with rapid digital acceleration and the associated risks. As the airline embraces new technologies, vulnerabilities emerge. Luk highlights the development of machine learning models to effectively intercept threats in real-time.

Nick Ng, Systems Engineering Head at Fortinet, emphasizes the importance of experienced security partners and intelligence in navigating the evolving digital landscape. Dave Chen, Vice President of Hong Kong Computer Society, emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to transformation, including modernizing architectures, infrastructure, and security.

Ng highlights the role of machine learning in rapidly identifying system anomalies and flagging potential intrusions. This, coupled with generative AI, personalizes security insights to help businesses efficiently navigate risk. By leveraging intelligence and staying proactive, organizations can mitigate risks and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Empowering Organizations through CyberSecurity ReDEFINED

CITIC Telecom CPC's CyberSecurity ReDEFINED conference is a premier event that brings together security professionals from various industries. The conference focuses on providing practical strategies and insights to fortify organizations' cybersecurity defenses.

Attendees can expect a range of keynote addresses and panel discussions led by technology leaders and industry experts. The conference covers topics such as compliance, risk management, data protection, incident response, and digital innovation security.

By equipping IT and technology professionals with the knowledge, tools, and partnerships needed to implement proactive defenses, CyberSecurity ReDEFINED empowers organizations to stay ahead of evolving threats in the digital age.