5 Recent Technology Developments Impacting the Foodservice Industry

In this special edition of our 5 Things series, we explore five recent technology-related developments that are making waves in the foodservice world. From reducing waste and enhancing customer experiences to embracing automation, these advancements are transforming the way we approach foodservice. Join me, Rachel Sherman, as we dive into the exciting world of technology and its impact on the foodservice industry.

Reducing Waste with Tap to Reuse Technology

Discover how Compass Group Canada is partnering with reusables.com to implement Tap to Reuse and Smart Return Bin technology at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, reducing single-use packaging waste and carbon emissions.

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Compass Group Canada is leading the way in waste reduction with its innovative Tap to Reuse technology. By partnering with reusables.com, they have implemented this groundbreaking system at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver. The Tap to Reuse technology allows customers at SFU's Mackenzie Café to replace single-use packaging with stainless steel reusable containers, powered by Reusables' RFID technology.

This system operates like a library system, where anyone can easily borrow and return containers. Not only does this model help reduce waste, but it also saves costs on disposable packaging for food service operations. In a successful pilot program, 125 kgs of single-use packaging waste were reduced, and over 500 kgs of carbon emissions were avoided in just six months.

Revolutionizing Vertical Farming with High-Tech Grow Towers

Explore how LA Urban Farms is transforming the food industry by donating high-tech grow towers to Cal Poly Pomona, utilizing aeroponic technology to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers in a soil-free environment.

LA Urban Farms is revolutionizing the way we grow food with their high-tech grow towers. These towers utilize aeroponic technology, allowing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers to be grown vertically in just 21-28 days. The unique aspect of this technology is that it doesn't require the use of soil.

Cal Poly Pomona has recently received a donation of one of these grow towers, which has been placed in the office of University President Soraya M. Coley. This serves as a powerful symbol of the university's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the food industry.

Meeting Customer Demands for Frictionless Ordering and Payment

Learn how OVG Hospitality is responding to consumer preferences by implementing frictionless foodservice ordering and payment technologies in live event venues, enhancing the overall customer experience.

As consumers increasingly rely on digital and self-checkout in their daily lives, OVG Hospitality recognizes the need to meet customer demands for frictionless ordering and payment experiences. According to Ken Gaber, the president of Oak View Group's live event foodservice arm, attendees at live events now expect the same convenience and ease of use that they encounter in their everyday lives.

By embracing technologies that are adaptable to all age ranges, OVG Hospitality aims to enhance the overall customer experience. This shift towards frictionless ordering and payment systems ensures that customers can enjoy their favorite events without the hassle of traditional checkout methods.

The Rise of AI-Powered Vending Machines

Discover how Canopus Biopharma Inc. is deploying AI-powered vending machines across Canada, creating a seamless user experience and providing media owners with robust controls over digital signage.

Canopus Biopharma Inc. is leading the way in the vending machine industry with their AI-powered units. These machines utilize artificial intelligence to elevate the user experience, providing a seamless interface and automated programmatic ad scheduling capabilities.

With the recent deployment of nine units across high-traffic locations in Canada, Canopus Biopharma Inc. aims to create the country's largest unattended retail-programmatic advertising network. This technology not only benefits consumers but also provides media owners with robust controls over creative content timing, management, and monetization of their digital signage.

Introducing BellaBot: The Feline Face of NYC Restaurants

Explore how the Kamasu Japanese restaurant in New York City is captivating customers with the introduction of BellaBot, a cat-eared robot that delivers food and drinks, adding a touch of entertainment to the dining experience.

The Kamasu Japanese restaurant in New York City is taking the dining experience to the next level with the introduction of BellaBot. This waist-high, feline-faced robot is not only adorable but also highly functional. BellaBot can deliver food and drinks to customers' tables and even ferry back dirty dishes.

With a price tag ranging from $12,000 to $15,000, these robots have already been successfully deployed in restaurants across the United States. Garry Kanfer, head of Kissaki Hospitality Group, decided to bring this entertaining and innovative technology to the soon-to-open Kamasu outpost in the Big Apple's Financial District.