Unveiling the Future of Justice: Supreme Court's E-Initiatives and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Legacy

Step into the world of justice transformed as President Droupadi Murmu launches the Supreme Court's cutting-edge e-initiatives and unveils the inspiring statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Immerse yourself in the Virtual Justice Clock, E-SCR (Hindi), and FASTER (Version 2.0) as they bring transparency and accessibility to the justice delivery system. Let's delve into the details of these groundbreaking initiatives and their profound impact on our legal landscape.

Unveiling the Virtual Justice Clock

Discover the innovative Virtual Justice Clock and its role in bringing transparency to the justice system.

Unveiling the Future of Justice: Supreme Court's E-Initiatives and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Legacy - -2077489665

Step into the future of justice with the Virtual Justice Clock. This groundbreaking initiative provides valuable insights into the institution, disposal, and case clearance rate (CCR) of courts. It allows us to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of our justice system.

With its user-friendly interface, the Virtual Justice Clock empowers citizens to stay informed about the progress of cases. By making this information easily accessible, it enhances transparency and accountability. Are you ready to explore the Virtual Justice Clock and witness the power of information?

E-SCR (Hindi): Unlocking Legal Knowledge in Hindi

Delve into the world of Hindi legal literature with E-SCR (Hindi) and discover the vast collection of judgments rendered by the Supreme Court.

Language should never be a barrier to justice. With E-SCR (Hindi), the Supreme Court has taken a significant step towards making legal knowledge accessible to Hindi-speaking individuals. This digital platform allows users to search for judgments rendered by the top court in Hindi.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Supreme Court, over 21,388 judgments have been translated into Hindi, ensuring that a wider audience can benefit from the wealth of legal wisdom. Let's dive into the world of E-SCR (Hindi) and unlock the power of legal knowledge in Hindi.

FASTER (Version 2.0): Ensuring Timely Justice

Explore FASTER (Version 2.0) and its role in facilitating the secure and swift transmission of crucial court orders.

Timely communication of court orders is vital for ensuring justice is served promptly. FASTER (Version 2.0) is a cutting-edge digital platform that enables the fast and secure transmission of interim orders, stay orders, bail orders, and more from the Supreme Court to relevant authorities.

By leveraging secure electronic channels, FASTER (Version 2.0) eliminates delays and ensures the timely release of undertrials. This revolutionary system streamlines the justice delivery process, bringing relief to those awaiting justice. Let's delve deeper into the functionalities of FASTER (Version 2.0) and witness its transformative impact.

President Droupadi Murmu's Vision for Accessible Justice

Discover President Droupadi Murmu's emphasis on making justice accessible to all and her commendation of the Supreme Court's initiatives.

President Droupadi Murmu has been a strong advocate for making justice accessible to all. In her address, she highlighted the importance of initiatives taken by the Supreme Court and the judiciary to expand the scope of free legal aid.

She commended the Virtual Justice Clock, E-SCR (Hindi), and FASTER (Version 2.0) for their role in bringing awareness, transparency, and efficiency to the justice delivery system. President Murmu emphasized that the true essence of the Constitution lies in its implementation. Let's explore her vision for accessible justice and the transformative impact it can have on society.