Unlocking the Power of GPUs: Cloudera and NVIDIA Collaborate for AI Applications

Welcome to the world of accelerated AI applications! Cloudera, in collaboration with NVIDIA, is paving the way for efficient and powerful artificial intelligence solutions. With GPU acceleration, organizations can now unlock the full potential of their data assets and build best-in-class AI applications. From data pipelines to model development and inference, NVIDIA's cutting-edge technologies perfectly complement Cloudera's expertise in data management. Join us as we explore how this collaboration is revolutionizing the AI landscape.

Accelerate AI and Machine Learning Workloads in Cloudera

Unlock the power of GPU acceleration for AI applications

Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) empowers enterprises to create their own AI applications, utilizing their proprietary data assets. Now, with the support of NVIDIA H100 GPU, CML takes AI workloads to new heights. The cutting-edge GPU acceleration enables faster insights and more efficient generative AI workloads. Fine-tuning models on larger datasets and hosting larger models in production becomes a reality.

By combining Cloudera's expertise in data management with NVIDIA's leadership in AI computing, customers can harness the power of GPUs across the entire AI lifecycle. With enterprise-grade security and governance, businesses can leverage NVIDIA GPUs without compromising data security.

Accelerate Data Pipelines with GPUs in Cloudera Private Cloud

Supercharge your data engineering with NVIDIA Spark RAPIDS integration

Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) allows users to build reliable and production-ready data pipelines. Now, with NVIDIA Spark RAPIDS integration, ETL workloads can be accelerated without the need for refactoring. Existing Spark ETL applications can seamlessly be GPU-accelerated, resulting in significant performance improvements.

By leveraging the power of GPUs in upstream data processing pipelines, organizations can increase utilization and achieve higher return on investment. The integration of Cloudera and NVIDIA technologies opens up new possibilities for data engineers to extract, transform, and load data at unprecedented speeds.