Skydio X2D Drone: Revolutionizing National Guard Operations

In a groundbreaking development, the 133rd Security Forces Squadron (SFS) has become the first National Guard unit to certify on the Skydio X2D drone. As a content writer passionate about the ethical implications of AI, I am excited to share how this advanced technology is revolutionizing National Guard operations. Join me as we explore how the 133rd SFS is harnessing the power of the Skydio X2D drone for various scenarios, from domestic response to hurricane relief and beyond.

The Game-Changing Skydio X2D Drone

Discover the advanced features and capabilities of the Skydio X2D drone.

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The Skydio X2D drone is a game changer for the 133rd Security Forces Squadron. With a flight range of up to 10 kilometers and a flight time of 35 minutes, this high-end reconnaissance tool provides unparalleled capabilities.

Equipped with advanced AI flight engines, powerful camera settings including thermal imagery, and complete 360-degree obstacle avoidance, the X2D drone offers a comprehensive solution for various scenarios. Its autonomous flight capabilities, 3D scanning capabilities, and cybersecurity protection further enhance its versatility.

With the ability to capture 4K video and imagery with 16 times digital zoom, the X2D drone provides the squadron with a complete 360-degree view of a target area. This advanced technology allows for remote monitoring and tracking of individuals, eliminating the need for personnel to be on the ground.

Training and Certification

Learn about the rigorous training and certification process for the 133rd SFS Airmen.

In 2023, the 133rd SFS acquired the X2D drones and selected eight enlisted Airmen to undergo training and certification. Over the course of three days at Camp Ripley, these Airmen learned to fly and operate the drone, familiarizing themselves with its AI features and camera settings.

The training took place at Camp Ripley, chosen for its diverse landscape that offers the necessary airspace, open fields, and different terrains to test the drone's capabilities. The squadron was able to select specific training areas and utilize all the necessary resources for their training needs.

After completing the initial training, the certified Airmen will return to their unit and continue to train and share their knowledge with other Airmen and potentially other military branches. The goal is to spread the capabilities of the X2D drone throughout the entire military and enable all units to benefit from this advanced technology.

Enhancing National Guard Operations

Explore the various scenarios in which the Skydio X2D drone is being utilized by the 133rd SFS.

The 133rd SFS sees drones as a key technology for the future and has adopted them for a wide range of scenarios. From domestic response to hurricane relief, infantry training to active shooters, and even nuclear operations, the X2D drone is proving to be an invaluable asset.

With its advanced AI technology, the X2D drone provides remote monitoring and tracking capabilities, enhancing the squadron's operations. It offers a complete 360-degree view of a target area, allowing for better situational awareness and decision-making.

By leveraging the X2D drone, the 133rd SFS is revolutionizing National Guard operations, improving response times, and ensuring the safety of both personnel and civilians in various challenging situations.