Founders & Funders Event: Connecting Innovators and Investors in New Jersey

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) recently hosted the fall 2023 Founders & Funders event, providing a platform for entrepreneurs from across the state to connect with venture capitalists (VCs) and angels. This article explores the event's highlights, including discussions on sustainability, conversational artificial intelligence, workplace inclusion, and the importance of long-term investments. Join me on this journey as we delve into the exciting world of innovation and investment in New Jersey.

Fostering Innovation and Investment

Exploring the highlights of the Founders & Funders event in New Jersey

Founders & Funders Event: Connecting Innovators and Investors in New Jersey - 931257227

The Founders & Funders event, organized by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), served as a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to connect and foster innovation. This article dives into the exciting highlights of the event, showcasing the commitment to long-term investments and the increase in venture capital investments in the state.

Through this event, founders from various industries had the opportunity to meet with venture capitalists (VCs) and angels, discussing their companies and establishing valuable relationships. The NJEDA's dedication to supporting innovation was evident, as entrepreneurs showcased their groundbreaking ideas and received valuable feedback from investors.

Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Shutterbug Exchange's mission to turn waste into power

Shutterbug Exchange (SBX), led by CEO Frank Jackson, is focused on sustainability and the circular economy. Their innovative approach involves remanufacturing end-of-life solar panels, transforming waste into a valuable energy source.

Partnering with Montclair State University and receiving support from the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT), SBX is making significant strides in creating a model-driven, closed-loop system. This collaboration ensures that the state remains at the forefront of sustainable practices and drives economic growth.

By repurposing solar panels and reducing waste, SBX not only contributes to a greener future but also creates new opportunities for job growth and technological advancements in the renewable energy sector.

Conversational AI for Enhanced Customer Experience

Cyntra's innovative platform revolutionizing the checkout process

Cyntra, led by founder and CEO Sanjeev Varshney, is leveraging conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the checkout process. Their platform utilizes adaptive algorithms, AI voice activation, smart facial recognition, RFID technology, and a gamified user interface to enhance the overall customer experience.

With Cyntra's AI-powered self-service kiosk, customers can complete their checkout in under 30 seconds, providing convenience and efficiency. The positive reception from investors at the Founders & Funders event further validates the potential impact of Cyntra's technology in the retail industry.

By incorporating cutting-edge AI solutions, Cyntra aims to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers, paving the way for seamless and personalized experiences in various sectors.

Democratizing Leadership Development and Coaching

Merity's mission to promote workplace inclusion and diversity

Merity, represented by Sandy Sabean and Heather Dahill, is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace, particularly for female talent. They recognized the misalignment in how organizations treat female talent and sought to democratize leadership development and coaching.

Through their platform, organizations can access self-reflection tools, professional development resources, career coaching, and a community cohort to elevate their talent. By providing these opportunities, Merity aims to bridge the gender gap and empower women in the workforce.

Investors at the Founders & Funders event resonated with Merity's mission, offering valuable insights on overcoming preconceptions and biases in the market. The support and guidance received will further strengthen Merity's efforts to drive workplace equality and foster an environment of growth and inclusivity.

Connecting Innovators and Investors

The impact of the Founders & Funders event on New Jersey's entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Founders & Funders event not only provided a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with investors but also had a significant impact on New Jersey's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The event showcased the state's commitment to fostering innovation and driving economic growth.

By facilitating meaningful conversations and relationship-building between founders and venture capitalists, the event laid the foundation for future collaborations and investments. The positive interactions and valuable advice exchanged during the event motivated entrepreneurs to continue their fundraising journey with renewed enthusiasm.

Furthermore, the support from organizations like the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) highlights the state's dedication to nurturing a thriving startup ecosystem.